Aaron Sanchez at The Plaza Theatre

Aaron Sanchez Tickets

The Plaza Theatre | El Paso, Texas

Heath pounding, breath held back in anticipation… The emotion is real. Aaron Sanchez are coming to Texas with a promise to deliver the most enjoyable theatre event of 2019! On Wednesday 11th December 2019 the stage of The Plaza Theatre Performing Arts Center will have the immense pleasure to host the raw talent of Aaron Sanchez in front of the eyes of the enormous crowd to create a Wednesday night Texas will never forget. El Paso will witness a theatre show of monumental proportions, charged with Aaron Sanchez’s contagious energy and exclusive style, and you just HAVE TO be there. Get your ticket now and get ready for something surreal.

Aaron Sanchez at The Plaza Theatre Performing Arts Center

If you’re looking for the greatest entertainment, then your search is at its end. Ladies and gentlemen, this year the The Plaza Theatre Performing Arts Center is the honoured to host none other than the critically acclaimed production of Aaron Sanchez! Astounding critics, delighting audiences, and gathering awards left, right and centre, this production will transport you to a whole other world, with a performance that will stop no short of captivating your heart, mind, body and soul. Featuring a superlative set, awe-inspiring costume design, and sensational performances from the onstage talent, Aaron Sanchez is the one to watch this year, and there is truly no better place to witness it than the The Plaza Theatre Performing Arts Center!! Purchase tickets online now for your best chance of an amazing seat, and prepare to have your breath taken away! For a limited time only – experience the phenomenon live for yourself!

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