Brincos Dieras at The Plaza Theatre

Brincos Dieras Tickets

The Plaza Theatre | El Paso, Texas

Adore a good comedy but haven't made the effort to go laugh the house down in yonks? Well 2023 is the year for you to jump back onto the horse! This May, Brincos Dieras will be playing the smashing The Plaza Theatre, Texas, El Paso, for a wild night of banter and white hot wit, it'll make your day, week, month, heck it'll even make your spring! Critics have been going crazy about 'one of the finest comedies to come to stage in years', and social media has been going wild! Now it's time for you to see what all the fuss is about! Click 'get tickets' to secure yours now!

Brincos Dieras at The Plaza Theatre Performing Arts Center

We know you can think of so many things you'd like to be doing this May, is viewing a comedy show one of them? Told you! It's the greatest way to enjoy yourself with friends, especially after the last few of years we've all had! The HILARIOUS, the epic, Brincos Dieras is on a US wide tour for spring, 2023 and as expected its already a giant box office hit! Bring your pals with you, this is a real bonding experience, it's a unique feeling. The exciting evening will be taking place the unrivaled place for this sort of show in the city, The Plaza Theatre, El Paso, Texas on Saturday 20th May 2023. This place is world class, fans love it and so many top reviews could not be incorrect! If you haven't already then this moment is time to get your tickets. Just select 'get tickets', this is your opportunity!

Brincos Dieras at The Plaza Theatre Performing Arts Center

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