The official venue parking at the Plaza Theatre Performing Arts Center can be found at the Convention Center Parking Garage on Santa Fe St, or at the Union Plaza Transit Terminal on 400 W. San Antonio St. The parking charges are $10 a day, all day.

Alternatively, there are several other parking garages within a short walk of the venue, listed below. Parking spaces will become harder to find on venue nights, so advance booking is highly recommended wherever possible. Please aim to be at the theatre at least half an hour prior to your event start time, allowing time for traffic, unexpected delays, parking, and travel to the venue from your vehicle.

1. Cortez Garage
208 E Main Street

2. Diversified Parking, Inc.
300 E Main St Suite 1202

3. Diversified Parking, Inc.
810 W San Antonio Avenue

4. US Parking Systems
Parking Lot
710 Texas Avenue

5. Diversified Parking, Inc.
601 Texas Avenue